About Me

Elaine Kuckertz HeadshotMy Journey

I’ve been an artist since I could pick up a pencil. My earliest memory of artmaking was at my grandma’s house, doodling on the inside covers of coloring books. From there, I moved on to drawing on computer paper and making collages from construction paper and magazines. I continued making artwork as a student at Brown University, where I graduated in 2013 with a double concentration in Visual Arts and Gender & Sexuality Studies. I currently live in Baltimore, where I make paintings and drawings along with any other creative projects that spark my interest.

My Work

When I was at Brown, I discovered that I was equally as interested in sewing, which is usually considered craft, as I was in traditional painting. I figured out that if I cut holes into my painted canvas, I could place quilted fabric underneath and have these two items show as one coherent piece. I’m really interested in the ways that two opposite ideas can exist in the same space, like craft and fine art, complementary colors, and many other opposing pairs. My work is joyful, colorful, and fun. In addition to my paintings, I also make time for sketchbook drawing, digital painting (using Procreate and the Art Studio App) and sewing. More recently, I have started turning my digital drawings into stationery and laser-cut puzzles.